Middleton Hall


At Middleton Hall we run our own fell flock of swaledale ewes, although the main swaledale interest is with a much smaller flock. This is a jointly owned Snydicate flock.


It set off in the mid 90's with the purchase of 10 ewes from R.S. Harker, Overthwaite for £500 each, and a tup for £4000 from G. Harker, Punchard.


The swaledale syndicate bought a new tup at Kirkby Stephen for the 2010/11 season The tup was from Wilf Buckle and was knocked down for £4000 with the owners keeping a half share.


For our own flock we purchased tups from R.M. Dixon- Garnthwaite,  L. Raine- Stanhope Gate, J. W. Dent- Naby View & M. Watson- Stoney Hill


















Swaledale 1